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Video: Care, Work, Time & Family–Challenges & Solutions

Check out this video of a roundtable discussion “Care, Work, Time & Family–Challenges & Solutions” featured at the 2017 AAAS Conference. Hear how home care workers and students can unite and fight against sweatshops! Support the fight for the right … Continue reading

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De-Mystifying “Medicaid Redesign”

Home care agencies claim there is not enough money to hire more workers to cover the 24-hour shifts and not enough money to pay the overtime wages. They point fingers at Medicaid, while at the state level, Gov. Cuomo takes … Continue reading

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Shorter Hours Means More Wealth

Winning the right to refuse overtime and the right to a 40-hourworkweek means that workersend up happier and healthier, but that’s not all. Worker income will be increased and the disparity of wealth between rich and poor will be decreased. … Continue reading

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