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De-Mystifying “Medicaid Redesign”

Home care agencies claim there is not enough money to hire more workers to cover the 24-hour shifts and not enough money to pay the overtime wages. They point fingers at Medicaid, while at the state level, Gov. Cuomo takes … Continue reading

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Shorter Hours Means More Wealth

Winning the right to refuse overtime and the right to a 40-hourworkweek means that workersend up happier and healthier, but that’s not all. Worker income will be increased and the disparity of wealth between rich and poor will be decreased. … Continue reading

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Students Organizing Against Reynolds (SOAR) Kicks Reynolds Out of Campus Dining Halls

SOAR is a member of the Ain’t I Woman Campaign and orga nizes students and young workers in the fight against mandatory overti me. The students first learned about the problem of mandatory overtime through the Pactiv workers’ story and … Continue reading

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