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What You Can Do

You can get involved! Here’s how: Sign the petition Organize a film screening, teach-in, roundtable, fundraiser or event of your choice to spread awareness to your networks Donate. Your donations can be tax-deductible and go to campaign costs like printing … Continue reading

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Home attendants fight back and win! DOL’s emergency order that forced home attendants to work 24-hour work day is declared null

A New York court decision null and void the NYS Department of Labor’s (DOL) emergency regulation that permitted home care agencies to pay home attendants for only 13 of their 24-hour shift, and that effectively legalized a 24-hour workday for … Continue reading

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Home Care Workers Call on Cuomo and Nixon to Take a Stand in Tonight’s Debate

This past year, New York State’s Department of Labor issued regulations allowing home care agencies to pay workers only 13 hours of pay for 24 hours of work. These terrible regulations are unjust for workers, and unsafe for the people … Continue reading

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