Sinovision (TV) coverage of the July 11, 2018 DOL Hearing on Home Attendant 24-Hour Shifts

Only available in Chinese.

Roundtable Discussion: Care, Work, Time & Family

Check out this video of a roundtable discussion “Care, Work, Time & Family–Challenges & Solutions” featured at the 2017 AAAS Conference. Hear how home care workers and students can unite and fight against sweatshops! Support the fight for the right to 40-hours workweek and the fight against mandatory overtime!

Campaign members speak out about why they joined the Boycott Reynolds campaign:

Tosh is an office worker and father of two. Mandatory overtime at his job forced him to choose between his job and his family.

Sophie is a tutor. Mandatory overtime at her job hurts her health.


Workers and supporters rally at Costco, July, 2014, and call on them to stop selling Reynolds’ sweatshop products.