Campaign Sponsors and Endorsers

The Ain’t I a Woman?! Campaign is sponsored by the National Mobilization Against Sweatshops (NMASS) and the Chinese Staff & Workers’ Association.

TheNational Mobilization Against Sweatshops (NMASS) is a grassroots effort of youth and working people of all backgrounds and communities. It is a membership organization dedicated to fighting for control over our time and our lives. Through educational and organizing work, it is demanding the right to work 40 hours a week at a living wage for all of us as working people, whether we are overworked, underemployed, or working at home caring for our children.

Chinese Staff and Workers Association (CSWA) is the first contemporary workers’ center bringing together workers across trades to fight for change in the workplace as well as in the community-at-large. CSWA is not a service organization nor does it follow an advocacy model, since neither model is fundamentally concerned with developing a base. CSWA places workers at the center of organizing campaigns and recognizes workers as agents for change rather than treating them as victims.

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