Media advisory: 24 hour workday should be paid 24 hours!

Home care workers urge the NYS Court of Appeals to reject inhuman working conditions and uphold the lower court decision

When: February 12, 2019, 1pm

Where: in front of NYS Court of Appeals, 20 Eagle Street, Albany, NY

Home attendants, other workers and supporters from across the state will call on the NYS Court of Appeals for long-overdue justice: to be paid for all 24 hours of a 24-hour shift. The court will hear opening arguments for ANDRYEYEVA v NEW YORK HEALTH CARE and MORENO v FUTURE CARE HEALTH SERVICES, INC., two cases in which home attendants who worked 24-hour shifts are demanding pay for all hours they worked. For years, these home attendants only received pay for 12 or 13 hours for a 24 hour workday. Lower courts have ruled in both cases that home attendants are entitled to all 24 hours of pay.

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