Home Care Workers Call on Cuomo and Nixon to Take a Stand in Tonight’s Debate

This past year, New York State’s Department of Labor issued regulations allowing home care agencies to pay workers only 13 hours of pay for 24 hours of work. These terrible regulations are unjust for workers, and unsafe for the people with disabilities who rely on this care for their well being.

Undeterred, home care workers and clients have continued to fight back! This morning, dozens came out to support the first day of arguments in a lawsuit filed by home care workers against NYS. They hope to see the regulations overturned, and the rights of workers and clients upheld.

They are calling on Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon to take a stand during tonight’s debate. Both Cuomo and Nixon claim to support women, workers, people of color, and people with disabilities. The Ain’t I a Woman?! Campaign sent letters to both candidates, asking that they take the opportunity to truly support these vulnerable members of NYS by taking a position regarding 24-hour shifts of home attendants.

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