Press Conference and Celebration: Home Attendants Win Right to Demand 24 hours pay for  24 hours Worked

Wednesday, 9/20, 3:00pm

Chinese Staff and Workers Association, 345 Grand Street between Ludlow and Essex

Within the last month, the New York State Appellate court issued precedent-setting decisions in three cases, making the law clear:  it is illegal for employers to pay only 12 hours for the 24 hour shifts worked by many home attendants.
Home attendants from Chinese Planning Council (CPC) and First Chinese Presbyterian (FCP) have been fighting against their employers to recover stolen wages.
Home attendants in these cases were forced by employers to work grueling 24 hour shifts, and were only paid for 12 hours of work. When workers went to their union, 1199 SEIU, to complain, the union not only ignored them, but went as far as to help the employers by signing a new collective bargaining agreement that prevents the workers from having their day in court. Home attendants never gave up–instead they reached out to workers from other cases to continue fighting.
Join us, together with home attendants from CPC, FCP, Human Care and United Jewish Council and workers from other agencies, both union and non-union, this Wednesday afternoon to announce and celebrate this important victory for home attendants across New York State! 
Together, we will urge thousands of other home care workers to come forward to assert their rights and demand that these agencies and insurance companies immediately stop their illegal practices and right their wrongs by compensating the workers for all lost wages now.

To learn more, contact the Ain’t I a Woman Campaign c/o NMASS (English, Spanish, French) at 212-358- 0295 and c/o CSWA (Chinese) at 212-334- 2333.

*The decisions were issued in the cases of Adriana Moreno v Future Care Health Services, Inc., Lilya Andryeyeva v New York Health Care, Inc. and Nina Tokhtaman v Human Care, LLC

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