Women Speak Out Against Long Hours

Group interview with Lai Yee Chan, Ruixiang Pan, Qunxiang Ling, Ruiling Huang, Huiliing Chen:

I don’t clean and organize my own home anymore, I only clean the home of the elderly woman whom I work for. Her home is nice and neat, but my home is a mess. If you don’t clean and organize the patient’s homes, if the patient falls, you will be the one responsible. When you work 24 hours at a time for many days, you are not well rested. Then you become hot tempered and if you’re married you get into arguments with your spouse. Some people are getting divorced because of this. When you become aggressive and hot tempered, of course, it will affect family relationships. You don’t care about your children anymore. Your emotional connection with the children is gone.

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Interview with Lesly Mejia:

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Long hours, like 24 hours, destroy families. I say it from my own experience. I got pregnant and then lost my child because I was under stress. And just like it happened to me, it happens to a lot of people… My opinion is that the Depart-
ment of Labor and the government should support us. And not make us work long hours.

At least they should make it 40 hours a week. Because of long hours, many families are being destroyed. The mothers go home, they do not have time for their children, they’re so tired. The children end up doing what they feel like. What I want is for that to change, so that we have the right to choose whether or not we want to work long hours like that….We have to unite all of us. No matter what kind of work we do, when I listen to women talk, I see that we are all facing the same problem.

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