CPC Home Attendants Call on 1199SEIU’s President to Clean House

CPC Workers’ Petition (translated from Chinese)

Petition to 1199 President George Gresham:

We are the CPC home attendants. For a long time we worked 24-hour shifts. During the night, we were not able to sleep continuously for 5 hours, but we received wages for only 12 hours and did not have any overtime pay. In addition there was no wage increase at all for 8 years. These problems bothered and hurt us for a long time. As a result, many workers have injuries on our wrists, back, neck, shoulders and hands. Furthermore, many of us suffer from nervous exhaustion.  If we refuse to work the 24-hour shift, CPC will not arrange work for us, etc.

Workers had complained to our Union Representatives, but they ignored us and lied to us saying CPC is a non-profit organization, so it is not required to pay overtime. We have been suffering enough.

Under these circumstances, we workers retained lawyers to file a class action lawsuit in court. A union is an organization of workers, it is supposed to do its best to support workers. In reality, this was not the case. The Union did not admit their wrong doing after workers filed the class action lawsuit and the State Supreme Court Judge issued a judgment against CPC in favor of the home attendants. Instead, the Union entered a new contract, which deprives workers of the right to seek justice in court, and forces us to go to arbitration with no right to choose.

We hereby demand the Union:

1 – Stop forcing the workers to go to arbitration to recover our back wages, and allow us the right to choose to go to court.

2 – Let workers know their rights under the law, and inform us of what is in the law. Whenever home attendants work continuously for 24 hours without being able to sleep 5 hours uninterrupted, we should receive 24 hours pay. The Union also should not discriminate against Chinese workers, telling them one thing and telling the workers of other nationalities a different thing. (See attachment)

3 – Make a serious effort to investigate whether there was any wrong doing, illegal activity or corruption conducted by the union staff in dealing with workers’ pursuit of their back wages , which brought shame to the Union. After the investigation, those violators should be punished.

Finally, we hope the Union will respond to us within a month. Thank you.

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